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This page will help you with endgame scenarios.

Two rooks and king v.s. king

To do this endgame scenario put the black king on e5, the white king on e1 and the rooks on a1 and h1.
Ra4, Kd5, Rh5+, Kc6, Ra6+, Kb7, Rh6, Kc7, Ra7+, Kb8, Rh7, Kc8, Ra8#.

One rook and king v.s. king

Do the same setup as above but remove one of the rooks.
Ra4, Kd5, Kd2, Ke5, Kd3, Kf5, Re4, Kf6, Ke3, Kg5, Rf4, Kh5, Kf3, Kg6, Kg4, Kh6, Rf5, Kh7, Rg5, Kh6, Kf5, Kh7, KF6, Kh8, Kf7, Kh7, Rh5#.

This also works with the queen but watch out for stalemates.

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